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Jul 03, 2017
Method inspired by 'weak thought' - pensiero debole

In a process characterized by continuous destabilizing shift, I change creative approaches, painting methods, materials, and compositions. By using a non-linear, non-complete structure, I aim to ‘ weaken’ my own approach to painting to a point where unexpected results would emerge and result in the transformation, and a new understanding of my own art and call in to question the norm of art production in general. This method is inspired by Gianni Vattimo’ s theory of ‘ weak thought’ —pensiero debole— which he developed in the late 1980s.‘ Weak thought’ is a positive nihilist understanding of the post-modern condition that accepts the erosion and destruction of the traditional metaphysical and rational foundations of modernism as something positive.  This will gradually lead to an ethical, social, and political transformation.  In my work, I am inspired by pensiero debole to allow myself to dismantle, shift, transgress, and corrupt boundaries adopted through the years in my practice as painter, designer, and architect. For every new art project, I start with a new premise.