Jul 10, 2017
Site-specific work and multi-layered poetic relationships

In my site-specific work, I examine the multi-layered poetic relationship between changeable materials, like water, light and plants, to geometry, architecture, place, history and memory. My installations search to uncovered the cultural and poetic significance of public architectural spaces consigned to oblivion that served a vital function in the past. Usually these spaces had a utilitarian but also a social purpose. The spaces where I have exhibited include sources of water (washbasins and fountains) and sources of knowledge (monasteries and libraries). I gravitate to architectural spaces and buildings where the quality of the architecture allows a dialogue to take place between the design of the building and the installed work. 

By integrating painting with architectural space, I negate a fixed view of the work. This condition invites the viewers to trespass their habitual thinking and to dissolve preconceived ideas of what art is suppose to be; what an artist is supposed to do; or what function a space is suppose to serve.